About Us

Who are we?

PT Mitra Saruta Indonesia is The Biggest Knitted Working Gloves manufacturer and Recycled Open End Yarn manufacturer in Indonesia. Established in 1989, we started the Working Gloves production with only 20 machines. Nowadays, we have installed about 2,000 machines with the annual production of 17,000,000 Dozen Pairs. In 1995, we started producing Recycled Open End Yarn and currently the annual productions are 31,000 Tones. Our Recycled O.E Yarn products are 100% Cotton, Grey Poly Cotton, Bleach White, Melange and other Color Poly Cotton with the size range from NE 1 to NE 20.

Our Values?

Our main Values are Discipline and Consistency to improve time to time towards Human Resources, System, and machineries; which make us stable over the time to serve our customers domestic and export.

How We do it?

With the trust and continuous support of the suppliers and customers, the company managed to improve and expand the business over time. The strong commitment to deliver the best products and services has made the company to what it is today, Sustainable, Growing and Trusted.

Why PT Mitra Saruta Indonesia?

Because WE CARE. Mitra means Partner. So we respect our Suppliers and Customers as partner. We appreciate our relationship towards everyone who are the member of our team, also everyone who engage business with us, because their involvement that make us what it is today.